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Elevate your at home workouts and get LEAN at home.

Are you trying to workout from home but you're just not feeling it these days?

Girl, I feel you! I've been working out from home for the last 2 years and it used to be such a struggle for me. I found I had no motivation, no energy and if I did get myself to workout, it was just....kind of blah.

I think i've cracked the code on this one. I have totally transformed my body, my energy and my confidence with my at home workouts. I am currently following the workouts in my wellness coaching program, The Glow Project, and I have never felt happier, healthier or leaner.

Here's what it comes down to.

You need to have a set space to workout in. It doesn't need to be a huge space but having a set place where you can, "clock in" so to say and tune into your workout makes such a difference for your motivation. I workout in my garage and I absolutely love it. I have invested in some little, affordable pieces of equipment that allow me to get all my moves done from the comfort of my own home.

My favorite at home pieces include a good yoga mat, a few sets of dumbbells, varying in weight, a floor length mirror to check my form in, a good, quality speaker, some resistance bands and an affordable treadmill I found on amazon. That's it! Start small and build your collection over time!

Next up, I have found that I need to get my workouts done in the first part of the day in order for me to have the most energy. Past about 3 pm, my energy dips and my motivation goes out the window. I know I'm not the only one. So making a priority to get my movement in before the day gets going has made a huge difference for me.

Another thing that has elevated my workouts from home is using music! And no, I don't just mean playing music in the background, although this does help with my energy! I mean that I play music and I workout to the beat of it. It keeps my pace steady and it makes it more fun.

Lastly, I have to have a plan to follow. If I am going in just absolutely winging it, I find I am so unproductive and don't end up getting a good sweat going. I like to have my workouts written out on a piece of paper that I can go through and physically cross it off as I work through it. It helps my brain stay focused and helps me have direction for what moves to do and when.

This is your permission slip to take a safe space somewhere in your house and create a little at home gym set up for yourself! It doesn't need to be fancy, it doesn't need to be super aesthetic. It doesn't need to be crazy elaborate. Just do some rearranging and create a space where you feel inspired to show up.

That is it!

At home workouts have totally transformed my body, my energy and my confidence, and I'm positive that they can have the same benefit for you! So try out some of these tips and get to it babe!

Until next time,




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