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Meet Courtney!

If you're brand new around here, hi + welcome! I’m Courtney, a 27 year old wellness loving, kind of plant based, kind of sort of really loves her sushi, hippie dippie gal who loves her husband, her dog, her family, her friends, nature and her routines.

You can usually find me at home, creating from my laptop, in my comfies, with an iced coffee in hand, playing healing tones in the background. A few of my favorite things include taking our dog, Navy, to walking trails, going for motorcycle rides with my husband, Jake, jamming out to music, organizing and taking care of my space, creating wellness content, watching the Kardashians and doing a luxury spa/self care night at home.


I found my passion for healthy living when I was about 13 years old. I found the gym when I was in a really dark, unhealthy place in my life and I can truly say that it saved my life.


I fell in love with the feeling of taking care of myself. I fell in love with feeling in control of my life. I fell in love with working out, with eating healthy and nourishing my body, with practicing healthy habits and really honoring my mind, body and soul over everything else.


Ever since I was a little girl, I have struggled with anxiety. For me, prioritizing my health and my wellness became an outlet for me to relieve some of that anxiety I was experiencing, and still do.


Living a healthy lifestyle is what brought me back to life after a really dark, low time in my life, it’s what gave me that confidence, that energy, that drive and that glow. It’s what healed me. It helped me finally find a love, and safety, within myself.


Fast forward about 8 years and I graduated from High Point University in North Carolina with my bachelors degree in Exercise Science with a concentration in health and wellness. After graduating, I then became a Certified Personal Trainer through the American College of Sports Medicine. I knew I wanted to help women fall in love with the process of bettering themselves through health and wellness.


And now? Here I am today, getting to share my love for healthy living with YOU and with the world! How lucky am I? 


Between my YouTube channel, my 6 week wellness program The Glow Project and the 1:1 wellness intensives that I offer, my mission is to help educate and empower as many women as possible and help them learn how to honor their mind, body and soul so they can feel more confident, more energized, happier and healthier than ever.


Here’s a sneak peak into my world. 

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